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Insect Day

Callum has just announced that its 'Insect Day' on Friday meaning that he gets 9 days off!!

Apparently this means he can play on the Wii for 9 days...

11th February 2014 Comments Daryl

That Brewing Bug Again?

It appears that we may have that brewing bug again....well it hadnt really gone I dont think, but we had maybe just slowed down a little.

So what delights do we have fermenting in the Toogood Micro Brewery? 

Mrs Toogood has Pineapple Wine conditioning on the Kitchen table, Turbo Cider bubbling away in the airing...

13th May 2013 Comments Daryl

Raise Pennies for Smarties

Chloe: Can we raise some pennies in my Smartie tube to buy more Smarties!?

NB: Birch Hill Primary School and Birch Hill Pre-School have given out Smarties so that the tubes can be filled with coins to raise money for the schools after the Smarties have been...

10th May 2013 Comments Daryl

Murphy has got the right idea!


It's snowing and settling out there, but Murphy definitely has the right...

23rd March 2013 Comments Daryl
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